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Patio Patrol Gears Up for Second Season: Set to Protect New Turf in the South and Midwest

Now gearing up for its second season, Patio Patrol is set to protect more turf than ever from harmful ticks and mosquitoes this year, with three new U.S. locations in the Midwest and South. Patio Patrol is not only a smarter solution for mosquito and tick control but is the only mosquito and tick control service to offer easy, online booking and payment.

Patio Patrolv now has a total of seven total locations, including a new location in the South in Birmingham, Alabama, and two in the Midwest, in Columbia and Springfield, Missouri. Patio Patrol already had locations in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

"We're looking forward to a busy season helping homeowners protect their turf from pesky and dangerous ticks and mosquitoes," Patio Patrol CEO Mark Kushinsky said. "It's a problem I've had to personally deal with at my own home so I understand how challenging these pests can be. In fact, that's the whole reason we founded the Patio Patrol brand."

Kushinsky, already the CEO of a successful franchise brand, got the idea for Patio Patrol one evening after painstakingly pulling ticks off his pet dog and then swatting mosquitoes away from his daughter at his home outside Boston. He knew then that there had to be a better way.

After doing his research - talking to scientists, visiting laboratories and looking at what other pest control companies were doing - he and his team developed a smarter solution. Patio Patrol differs from other companies in a number of ways. Here are just a few that make them stand out:

  • Patio Patrol targets mosquitoes at the egg, larval, pupal and adult stages.
  • Patio Patrol uses multiple products including effective organic options.
  • Patio Patrol utilizes different size sprayers for more targeted application.
  • Patio Patrol is bee-friendly and strives not to impact pollinators.
  • Patio Patrol relies on a team of researchers to tailor pest treatments by region.

For anyone interested, Patio Patrol is currently holding a special coupon promotion. Customers who use the promo code, WEB39, to book their service online will get their first spray for only $39.