Flea Control

Flea control should kick in the moment ground temperatures reach above 45 degrees Fahrenheit, as that's when these pesky insects start settling in your garden. Pet owners should take note, as flea bites can cause serious discomfort for your pets as their saliva often contains bacteria or diseases. That constant scratching and swatting are not just relegated to your pets. If left untreated, these unwelcome pests can make their way onto your soft furnishings inside, feasting on you and your loved ones.

Types of Flea Control and Prevention Techniques

Unlike other pests that require moist and warm areas to thrive, fleas simply need some overgrown foliage or thick grass to survive. Even when you practice good lawn care, your beautifully thick grass might just create the ideal ecosystem for fleas. This can make spending time outdoors uncomfortable, especially if you want to spend time on the grass picnicking or sunbathing.

The best way to control a flea infestation is by using an effective flea control service combined with a flea control plan. A female flea can lay up to 2,000 eggs in her lifetime, and the eggs' gestation can take a few weeks or a few months, depending on conditions such as the weather. A professional flea control service will use an eradication and prevention approach to flea control. This means the pest control flea treatment will kill off adult fleas and destroy flea eggs to minimize the local flea population. An effective flea control plan will cover all the phases of the flea life cycle to ensure that the pest is eradicated.

The benefits of flea control are almost immediate:

  • Your pets are more comfortable and less susceptible to flea anemia and skin diseases caused by flea bites
  • You don't have to worry about fleas infesting your home and yard
  • Summer parties and picnics on your lawn won't result in uncomfortable bites

The best flea treatment is to prevent them from coming into your yard in the first place. Effective flea prevention techniques include:

  • Regularly washing your pets and checking for fleas
  • Seeking assistance from your local veterinarian for effective flea control methods that may include topical for your pets
  • Keeping clear of wild animals and strays

Tips and Tricks for Additional Flea Prevention

Fleas are more than a nuisance, as their bites can also lead to infections caused by bacteria. Fleas and ticks often prefer the same conditions, and tick bites can lead to serious diseases. It's important to stop them from using your four-legged friends, or even yourself, as a meal ticket. Some additional tips on avoiding these pests include:

  • Invest in outdoor furniture and soft furniture that naturally prevent ticks and fleas from nesting
  • Keep the grass as short as possible
  • Treat all your pets for fleas at the same time to prevent fleas from simply hopping onto another host
  • Fumigate or fog your house if fleas have decided to move in
  • Let your pets wear outdoor protective vests if you're planning a trip to a wooded area or field. These protect them against UV rays, prevent insects from "hopping on" and might even prevent your pets from getting too dirty.

Why Use Patio Control for Flea Prevention?

At Patio Patrol, our flea treatment will also effectively kill mosquitoes and ticks, leaving your garden pest-free. We will work according to a pest control plan that includes all the well-known areas flea infestations tend to happen, plus your property border to keep future pests out. Give us a call at (888) 317-2846 to book an appointment.


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