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Top 9 Ways to Fight the Bite

Welcome to the official summer season. The sun is out, the sprinklers are on, and...the mosquitoes are biting. Below are the top 9 ways you can protect yourself and loved ones from those pesky and dangerous bites.

1. Eliminate standing water, tall grass, and leaf litter from your property. Make sure all pool floats are dry, empty the kiddie pool after use, turn over wheelbarrows, and be sure to pick-up any trash. Mosquitoes can breed in the smallest places like bottle caps!

2. Mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors. Wear lighter colors and clothes that cover your skin. The tighter the weave of your clothing, the harder it will be for mosquitoes to bite through!

3. Avoid feeding hours. Dawn and dusk, when winds are low, are prime times to get bitten.

4. Wear insect repellent that contains DEET on exposed areas of your skin. When applied properly, DEET is extremely effective and virtually harmless to people (except for allergies).

5. Keep air circulated. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers, use fans to make it difficult for them to fly near you.

6. Cover patio areas and/or other areas of entertainment with a large mosquito net. It might not look great, but neither do mosquito bites.

7. Skip the perfume and air fresheners. Some floral scents are known to attract mosquitoes.

8. Chill out. Mosquitoes identify food sources through carbon dioxide and heat levels. When your heart rate is elevated, your body will produce more carbon dioxide. Avoid anything that will speed up your heart rate while in mosquito territory.

9. Hire a professional mosquito & tick control company. Many landscape services and do-it-yourself sprays "claim" to be effective but to truly get the best protection and most effective protection, use a service solely dedicated to these bugs.

You can (and should) take protection into your own hands. Using a mosquito and tick control company like Patio Patrol makes it much easier to reduce the pest populations and your risk for disease. Get peace of mind this summer, and enjoy your yard all season long.

Patio Patrol customizes prices and treatments based on yard size, foliage, and density. They also automate their services, which means once a treatment plan is in place, they'll come out to your yard every three to five weeks for the entirety of the pest season. Get started with Patio Patrol here: www.patiopatrol.com/get-started