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Mosquito, Flea & Tick Control

Patio Patrol Needham, MA provides complete protection from mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and even some other pesky bugs with an integrated approach of the latest tools, a panel of experts, and top-notch technicians.

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Ditch the itch. Guard your yard.

At Patio Patrol, our customized approach means we tailor treatment options based on your needs, weather conditions and pest growth rates in your area. We provide full outdoor pest protection and pest exclusion services so that you can say goodbye to pests and hello to a yard full of fun.

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Time spent outdoors is meant to be enjoyed, not interrupted by unwanted pests.

At Patio Patrol®, we're going to get to the root of your pest problem. We know what it takes to effectively treat your yard, and our comprehensive inspection ensures the highest quality results.

If the solution means you need additional protective services, like cleaned gutters or leaf removal, we've got you covered. Because nothing should get in the way of a good time.


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Full-service solutions for any outdoor pest situation

Treating you right is our top priority.

We'll monitor your yard, pest patterns and weather conditions to ensure a successful treatment. While you're a Patio Patrol customer, if you ever feel unprotected from outdoor pests, let us know, and we'll come re-treat your yard free of charge.


People come to us for our outdoor pest services, but they return to us because of our outstanding customer service.

Patio Patrol is the best. Totally mosquito free and enjoying my backyard again. My whole family thanks you!


What a relief! We can relax on our deck without constant swatting. Thank you Patio Patrol.


My two dogs haven't had a tick all year.. and that is a first! Patio Patrol is the best.


It's time for a smarter solution!

Patio Patrol utilizes an integrated approach to mosquito and tick control. If you're ready for a smarter solution to protecting your turf, then you've landed in the right place!